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About Gary Taylor

At his core, Gary is an artist ... while dancing professionally,  I was a portrait artist on the side.  Capturing the human body on paper & canvas was an extension of presenting the figure at its best.  He started capturing dance as a hobby to get better photographs to draw,  that soon grew into a passion and love of photography.  As an Artistic Director for over 25 years, during this time,   he has collaborated with some of the best lighting designers in the business and has developed a great insight for lighting the human body.

Through understanding the timing, movement and breath of a dancers energy, it has been my pleasure to work with some stunningly beautiful and  powerful movers.  Always pushing the boundaries of light, movement , and life.  Capturing  dancers at their best has become second nature.

For a dancer, senior or model,  if you want the shots for your portfolio to show you at your best.  Contact me about setting up a shoot.

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